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0413 994 239

 Cattle & Yard Dog Trails

FRIDAY & SATURDAY 26th & 27th JANUARY 2018

Come along and watch the Cattle & Yard Dog Trials!

Marvel at the skill of some of the country's top sheep dogs as they and their masters use power and guide to negotiate various challenges with a herd of cattle & a mob of stubborn merino sheep.

The Yard Dog Trials are run under the shade of magnificent willows with various categories for novices through to open dogs. 

This year in the arena there will also be a Cattle Dog Trial running and in conjunction with Yard Dog Trials there will be a feature event of a Stock Dog Challenge.    

What could be more Australian?

Events (Fees & Risk Waiver Required with Entry/s) 


Cattle Dog Trial (2 Open Rounds with a final) - Entry $15 TaralgaRodeoCattleDogTrialEntryForm.docx

Yard Dog Trials  TaralgaRodeoYardDogChampionshipsEntryForm-2018.docx
Maiden – Entry $10
Novice – Entry $12
Improvement – Entry $14
Open – Entry $16

Station Dog Challenge - Entry $20  TaralgaRodeoStationDogChallengeEntryForm.docx

Contact: Entries close Friday 19 January 2017 Entry Forms & Waivers -  NSW Yard Dog Association -www.yarddogsnsw.com